Limio Shop & Self-Service

Our site generator to create subscription shop and self-service.
The Limio Shop & Self-Service is built with React, using Limio APIs. It build content via the components available on Campaigns and Pages. It assigns URL on your shop domain based on the tags provided on the Campaigns and Pages. The Limio Shop & Self-Service is highly modular and can be fully customised via Limio Settings, properties on components, and attributes on the Limio objects.
To add new components to the Limio Shop & Self-Service, all your have to do is import React components in the Limio application which can then be used to create Campaigns and Pages - you can learn more about how to do this here. There is no need to use our APIs with the Limio Shop & Self-Service.
We have a library of Limio Components that are imported as a standard in any Limio application. The list of Limio Components are available here.
To add a component to your Limio application, please follow our guide below: