Limio Shop

Our GatsbyJS-generated shop for subscriptions

The Limio Shop is built with React, using Limio APIs. It pull pages created on Campaigns and use tags to know where to host in on your shop domain. The Limio Shop includes a 'Basket' button and country picker, and has a cart and checkout flow with an integration into Limio Subscriptions (or other billing systems, such as Stripe Billing).

To use the Limio Shop, all your have to do is import React components in the Limio application which can then be used to create campaign's pages - you can learn more about how to do this here. There is no need to use our API with the Limio Shop, though you can also use the API to render the React component in your own custom shop.

We have a library of Limio Components that are imported as a standard in any Limio application. The list of Limio Components are available here.

To add a component to your Limio application, please follow our guide below: