Authentication Schemes

Limio provides two APIs to interact with the Limio app. Each of these API has a specific authentication scheme as detailed here.

Public Key (Read-Only API)

This API retrieves campaign or asset information from the Limio app. You will need to know the specific item that you require, e.g. you want details about a specific campaign for which you know the tag. Another example is you want to get details of a specific asset for which you know the unique key assigned to the asset.

The API is designed so that end-users are not able to discover information about the Limio app data, for example searching is not allowed. This allows for the public key to be set in the HTML pages that are delivered to the end-user and why it is called the Public Key API.

This API is designed for high-volume web facing queries to the Limio app.

pagePublic Keys (Read-Only API)

Full API via OAuth

If you need programmatic access to the catalog to update, view or edit, you will need an OAuth token. This will give you your user level access to the Limio app via API.

pageFull API via OAuth - Bearer Token

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