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Abandoned basket API

This API returns incomplete or “abandoned” baskets.

What is an incomplete basket?

An abandoned basket is one where a basket was started on the Limio checkout but was never completed, i.e. its status remains active rather than completed. This means the customer never completed the transaction:
The customer abandoned the checkout before the “Complete Checkout“ step and so the basket is incomplete.
The aim of the API is to provide a single endpoint to find abandon checkouts and do something about it such as Abandon Basket campaigns.


Abandoned Basket API takes in 3 queryParams:
createdAfter : an ISO datetime string. If this is set, it will only return incomplete baskets after this timedate.
limit: number of results that will be returned
queryMore: queryMore parameter to fetch more results
It is Authenticated via API Token, not Bearer Token.
Just go https://{{tenant}} and grab one of those (don't create a new one/delete existing one)
Here is an example
Retrieve Abandon Baskets