Public Keys (Read Only)

In order to retrieve data from Limio, you will need to send a key with your requests so we can identify who you are.

If you are looking for other methods, instead of just read only go here:

Continue reading for instructions on how to get a key and start using it to get your data.

Generate Key

Getting a key is really simple. Just log-in to your Limio account, go to Profile > Developers > Limio Keys and and hit the 'Generate New' button. This will create a new key linked to your Limio environment and can now be used to retrieve catalog data.

Each catalog is currently limited to 2 public API keys. If what you are building requires more, please contact

Sending Requests

Now you have an API linked to your Limio account, you can start to pull data required by your site or app.

All you need to do is include your public key in the header with every request to our API with the key 'Authorization'. Below is an example fetch to retrieve some offers.

fetch('/api/example', {
headers: {Authorization: "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"}
}).then(res => res.json())

Deleting Keys

If you wish to delete an existing key, this can be done by selecting the 'Delete' button next to the key you wish to delete in the developer area of the catalog.

Please be aware that this cannot be undone and will require you to update any references to this key which are currently being used with a new API key.